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"If there were a capital of the soul, halfway between East and West, between the senses and philosophy, between honor and cheating, it would be located here." Stanislaus Nievo

Naples Cooking Classes

With one of our Naples Cooking Classes you will discover how to make dishes that have become icons of the whole Italy. Will you choose to prepare and then enjoy Pizza, Gnocchi or Ravioli? Up to you, choose wisely!

We offer you all 3 options, make sure you book the right one!

Naples Wine Tour in the Old Town

Old Town Napoli Wine Tour: Sip, Stroll, and learn a lot with our local Sommelier. Taste 3 local wines, try some charcuterie and see Napoli Old Town at the same time: discover it all in one experience!

Tour gastronomici Napoli - Napoli Food Tours
Tour gastronomici Napoli – Napoli Food Tours

Napoli Food Tours

Eating around Naples with a local is vital! Only locals can show you the real Neapolitan food. We offer MANY types of food tours, for all the tastes and pockets, and also a Sweet Food Tour!

Napoli Pub Crawl

In our Naples Pub Crawl we will help you to socialize passing through some of the places Neapolitans love the most. Whether you are a foreigner or a local, in company or alone: ​​we will entertain you with some rather "peculiar" games, classic of our Pub Crawl!

Spanish Streets - Maradona Street Art & Murals

Enter that big labyrinth that is the Quartieri Spagnoli. You will notice the love, folklore and art that hide behind this vast Neapolitan territory where an altar and a mural dedicated to Maradona, the god of football in Naples, were created.

Diego Armando Maradona Stadium Hooligan Walk

If football is your passion, you can't miss an external walk right in front of one of the temples of Italian football: Napoli stadium, the Diego Armando Maradona, formerly the San Paolo Stadium. This fun and informative 1-hour activity includes an external stroll right outside of the stadium and lots of anecdotes. Unfortunately, we can't enter it!

Tour of Naples' forgotten Churches

What to visit in Naples after Santa Chiara, the Veiled Christ and Spaccanapoli? In order not to do what everyone else does, you cannot miss the tour of the forgotten churches of Naples, to discover that culture which, for various reasons, has fallen into oblivion.

Day Trip Rome to Naples to eat Pizza and learn about Southern food and culture (8h)

Rome-Naples on a quick train: 8-hour excursion to have a walking Food tour in Naples with Return to Rome central station. Our local will meet you at Napoli station and take you back there: All Included!

Hen party and Bachelor Party in Tarantella Vibe

Do you need inspiration for a goodbye weekend to single life or a few hours of real fun with your best friends, your bros, or even just to do some tarantella? Then you have come to the right place!

The gay history of Naples

We shed light on the history of Naples through interactive walks that will make you discover what we want to call, right now, the gay Naples. We explain the background of this world, starting with the ancient Greeks, shedding light on the lives, spaces, identities and the continuum that formed the backdrop to today's LGBTQ+ lives.

Neapolitan Cooking Classes Around the World

Napoli Turista is proud to offer Neapolitan cuisine experiences around Italy: because as we say in Naples: "said the worm to the nut: give me enough time and I'll drill you", that means that we will not let only big companies sell and buy our own culture and arts. Let's learn how to make Neapolitan pizza directly from the small (but well spread) Neapolitans!

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Sorrento Coast, Positano & Amalfi - Boat Tour

Dreaming to visit the Sorrento coast by boat? Here's the boat, skipper and, listen listen, even the fuel (we don't play around! bell’ eh?)!

Hercolaneum 2h private tour: Skip the Line Ticket

Experience Herculaneum with a private guide. You will have priority access to one of the most famous and best preserved archaeological sites in the world. And you’ll have your own archaeologist with you, ready to reveal the ancient city where the Roman elite spent their summer vacations.

Guided Tours and Experiences all around Italy

Scoprite Venezia Discover Venice or other Italian cities with a local guide: beauty, colors, flavors. Personalized itinerary, guided tour for children, ancient and contemporary art. Whatever we do is arranged by locals and not by huge companies ruling from afar!

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