Spanish Streets - Maradona Street Art & Murals

Meet a local and enter that large labyrinth that is the Spanish Quarters: love, folklore, art, altars and a mural dedicated to Maradona: the god of football of the Neapolitan city.

Spanish Streets - Maradona Street Art & Murals

You will enter hidden places, untraceable even if you're using GPS and Google Maps. You will be told important anecdotes about the world war, Maradona's legendary victories and the most important facts concerning the Spanish Quarters. You will also observe countless ancient palaces, sometimes inhabited by ghosts of the past, located on mysterious and yet crowded streets.

Along the way you will be captivated by countless religious images, murals and paintings, which will be carefully shown to you by your guide.

Maradona, Totò and much more: join us and try to discover at least a hundred of the thousand colors of Naples.

•   Duration: 80 minutes

•   Price: 30 euro

•   Meeting Place: Right outside of Metro Toledo, in front of the statue “Il cavaliere di Toledo”

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